Become an Exilee
Become an Exilee

At Exilesoft, we respect customers’ demands as well as the work life balance of our staff. Working with Agile methods help us to strike a good balance between both the factors by providing the transparency of daily progress/ short sprint duration to the customer. Providing work-life balance is important to retain staff over a long term and to attract more experienced employees to Exilesoft. Further, maintaining proper work hours will help employees to do extra reading and improve knowledge in which they cannot gain during the usual business hours.

We are very focused on tailoring our approaches, skills and processes to integrate our teams and customers in a more efficient manner. Most our projects benefit from long term employee retention where the customer and team engagement works well and the teams feel proud of sharing their customers’ technical vision and success.

Non-hierarchical organisation structure and knowledge culture

Exilesoft is committed to maintain a lean management structure as possible. The internal organization culture shows prominent characteristics of collaboration and a competence culture over a controlled and cultivation culture. From the CEO to every staff at Exilesoft, we are committed to enable less management and more autonomy  while maintaining a professional organizational structure. Feeling as a part of a decision-making and the company’s growth by all the teams of the organization is another key reason of employee retention of Exilesoft.

Best training opportunities

Exilesoft makes a good effort to be the best career improvement partner to our employees. We conduct various in-house and external training sessions; Annual Exilesoft workshop, Code competition events, Inter-project knowledge sharing sessions, Participating in worlds leading software development conferences and even bringing industry leaders to our development facility in Sri Lanka to train our development staff.
We are proud to be the organizers of Stack Overflow Sri Lanka meet-up, Colombo Agile meet-up and Colombo Mobile Meet up which enables our employees to share their knowledge freely among other industry experts. Exilesoft employees appreciate such initiatives by the company to keep them up to speed with the industries’ technological trends.

Competitive perks including medical benefits

Exilesoft employees earn competitive packages in each competency level compared to the industry standards in Sri Lanka. We conduct annual increment processes to keep the salaries up to the level with the industry each year. The company provides every employee of Exilesoft with family medical insurance coverage.

Fun culture

We believe happy employees keep our customers happy. At Exilesoft we try our best to keep a fun working culture. Many events are held throughout the year in order to build a good relationship among the colleagues both inside and outside the office.

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Meeting concepts such as ‘Lean Coffee’ sessions are used to enable direct interactions and facilitate free and casual communications with Exilesoft senior management and the development teams frequently.
Interesting work, fair treatment, collaborative work models and opportunities to share their knowledge and creative ideas with the customer will help development staff to commit to a project for many years.