Life at Exilesoft

Life at Exile

We build great software.. Why not have great fun!

You may have seen the pictures, or heard of the parties, the world-class training sessions and the outdoor activities we are hosting throughout the year to keep the employees at Exilesoft happy and inspired. Our facebook page contains proof of exactly this- check it out here facebook page

We need all our Exilees to work as one team where a 100% is given at all times.

Core Values

At Exilesoft we recognize TACTD as our core values. As we apply TACTD (Transparency, Agility, Commitment, Trust, Disruptive), we are dependent on individual interactions and an open door policy over matrixes and specific processes. These core values put together, brings a high degree of transparency and motivated individuals to Exilesoft.


We cannot expect our employees to deliver quality software unless we have a quality workplace. We have one of the most modern development centers in Sri Lanka. Our development environments are standardized on Lenovo Desktop/Laptops including a minimum of one additional 22-inch Lenovo monitor for each technical staff. Mac development staff is equipped with iMac 22- inch desktops, iPads and mobile devices. We are equipped with Microsoft round table video conferencing facilities for remote communication.