Exilesoft Global Team

Global Team

“Working with different cultures in global organizations is frequently seen as a challenge, but it is important to see the great benefits that such diversity brings to all sides of the table. After 12 years of software development in Sri Lanka it is with pleasure we note that a growing number of Australian and Nordic companies adopt offshoring as an effective toolbox in their own product development. At Exilesoft we are specialists in the use of Agile and Scrum based methodology in offshore cooperation, and we find that our integrated teams contribute strongly to the motivation of the total team as well as delivering applications to the market in less time and with higher quality. Ultimately the customer benefits through improved competitiveness and lower costs

Sri Lanka’s No 1 asset in successful outsourcing is remarkably English-fluent “IT population”, and together with Colombo which hosts a number of world-class universities, Sri Lanka offers a highly skilled and experienced resource pool of software engineers. So with our long experience and strong position in the Sri Lankan market, in addition to a brand new and fully modern 5 story development center in downtown Colombo, we are able to attract and retain many of the best in this country. Exilesoft strives for long-term continuous development of our employee skills base and technological capability, and with that in mind our employees participate regularly with posts and lectures on seminars and conferences, particularly in the Agile arena, all around the world. We see it as a priority to have an experienced team in each of our key markets and are proud to have a strong international team of business leaders to work with our customers in each market.”

Finn Worm-Petersen, CEO