Exilesoft Values



“T-A-C-T-D” guide us to create an innovative culture at Exilesoft. The carefully chosen words are lived and given life to, through our strategic thinking and day-to-day operations.

T – Transparency

Being transparent to all our stakeholders is a virtue we practice at Exilesoft. Transparency is a fundamental value within a global team and the first stepping-stone in a path towards a successful cooperation. It is a core ingredient in our value system.

A – Agility

We believe in Agility. Agility in our thinking, operations and management, is a tool to transform, change and shape our business. Every day. It helps us serving the diverse needs of our global partners.

C – Commitment

We are committed to our customers success. We work with complex software products and systems across a diverse spectrum. We share our customer’s vision and take on a long-term engagement involving every aspect of the business, from domain knowledge acquisition to market deployment.

At Exilesoft we provide a secure, competitive and pleasant work environment to our employees and partners.
It’s a commitment.

T – Trust

Trust is the key to successful cooperation, particularly in multicultural and geographically apart environments. Trust is built on proof. Every day, through Transparency, Agility and Commitment.
You can trust us on it.

D – Disruptive

A relentless parade of new scientific breakthroughs and new technology cross our tables every day. Advances that will transform the way we live. It is time you train your mind to move into new territory. What was yesterday won’t cover for the needs of tomorrow. You decide your role. Be Disruptive.