What We Do Exilesoft
What we do?

Exilesoft offers a range of services, so whether you are a software developer needing support locally or offshore, or a business owner seeking to create competitive advantage through your own unique software, we are ready to assist.

Some of the services we offer are;

  • Supplementing your development team locally at times of peak demand and when different skills may be required.
  • Supplementing your team offshore on a short or long term basis.
  • Providing full development of your software from start to finish and beyond, both locally and offshore.
  • Providing ‘Agile’ input to assist your organization in moving to Agile practices.
  • Providing ongoing application management for your organization.

Through long-term software engineering cooperation we are able to build new knowledge in regards to your business domain and your marketplace. Exilesoft will strengthen your organization as a whole, making it possible to engage in larger implementations and/or new markets, without increasing your fixed costs.